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Professional Theater Design from plan to completion. HD Design Group takes the place of several non specialized contractors. We are that focused team of specialist and designers that have the experience to achieve the most complex & creative architectural and system challenges.

We are here to help you create your next  film or listening experience for all levels of performance and budgets.   


HD’s Specialized Experience in Entertainment focused architecture, design, construction and systems engineering can not be matched by any one competitor or group of  construction trades in the market.

Our sole focus is Fine Audio, Theater, Outdoor Lighting & Audio-Video Entertainment. We look forward to sharing with you all the possibilities that might fit your project!

World Class Audio

We have spent the last several years traveling across the globe (“literally”) to bring to the Rocky Mountain region the finest technology companies in the world from the professional Audio, Film and Recording Industries.  We look forward to hosting you and sharing our love for Music and the Amazing musical performance of these very fine instruments.  Call Today for more information…

The Difference is 21 Years of Experience in Delivering The Finest Audio and Theater Solutions. 

 HD Design Group  is not limited to just retail services. Our team is comprised of a community of professional , Designers, Contractors, and manufacturers with decades of professional experience. Our rare group of unyielding technology partners have consistently defined what is the state of the art in Music and Film reproduction. This family of specialized professionals are bent on a mission to continually push the boundaries of design and engineering. Regardless of the budget requirements or the scale of project; we are  committed to working with you to develop a one of a kind solution that you will enjoy and share with family and friends for years to come.

Call us today, to schedule a free consultation to find out how HD Design Group can assist you in creating an amazing home entertainment experience.

Enjoy The Finest Audio Offering In The Rocky Mountain Region and Beyond! 

 Before making an important investment in your audio system, please visit us to experience our rare offering of some of the finest audio technologies in the world and at all budget levels offered. We promise a fun, informative and Musical Experience! Call today for more information. 

Your One Stop Home Theater Design & Build Center

HD Design Group Fine Audio & Theater has 21 years of high-end, design and construction experience in the art of creating the finest home and boutique commercial theater environments. All of which offer an unparalleled cinematic experience. Our professional services promise your system design will be tailored to meet your tastes and budget requirements.  HD Design Group is Colorado’s and the Nations only complete Theater Design Build Center. Our specialty is creating one of a kind Theater and Multipurpose Media interiors from start to finish or anywhere in-between. Call today for more information we look forward to assisting you.


How did you come by such unique lines?

By a large investment in time and travel to evaluate hundreds of manufacturers to find the very few that are creating instruments that are truly spectacular in recreating the live musical event. This special family of instrument designers are even more impressive when matched together as they have been selected to achieve. 

How are you different than the other audio video retailers?
Through our very unique experience in professional Interior Design, Architecture and construction as well as 22 years of experience in high end audio, home and commercial systems integration/automation and theater design and construction.